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Web Links

Here are some excellent links to other sites that contain information about archery.

Archery on Wikipedia (
   The Wikipedia article on archery, which contains a lot of information on the history and technology used in archery.
Archery scoring app for IPhone (
   Eran Doitch, programmer extraordinaire, has developed the coolest app for IPhone. Check it out! Many SoCal archers have downloaded the app and love, love, love it!
California Bowmen Hunters (
   This is the CA state NFAA organization. They host the CA State Indoor (January), CA State Field (June) and CA State Target (September) tournaments. These tournaments are held in multiple locations.
California State Games (
   Every year the CA State Games is held at the Olympic training center in Chula Vista, CA. They host a 900 (meters). All CA State residents are eligible to participate.
General Information for beginning archers (
   Thanks to Kelly Moore for providing this link!
Pasadena Senior Games (
   The Pasadena Senior Games is held every year on the first weekend of June. Depending on the schedule, archers are eligible for community, state, or national qualifying status. For archers 50 years and older.
Ultimate Guide to Backyard Archery (
   building a backyard archery range doesn’t require extensive amounts of time, money, or do-it-yourself expertise. There are only a few pieces of equipment to buy or make as well as a few key concerns to address.
US Archery (
   Get the latest news about archery in the US; get registration information for USAT and National tournaments, check out the calendar of events.
World Archery Federation (formerly FITA) (
   International website for archery around the world. Follow live scoring for events like World Championships and World Cup tournaments.

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